Everything that SiFi project does is aimed at ensuring its users can easily access digital currencies and safely invest in them with little or no fear of losses. The following are therefore some SiFi features to be kept in mind:
  • Diversified Portfolios: Since everything about the SiFi project is intended to make sure its users safely invest, one prominent feature of the SiFi project is its diversified portfolios. The diversification of portfolios, as mentioned earlier, is to curb the volatility that is rampant in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Cost-effective Lending Protocol: With the intent of simplifying the investment process of its users, the SiFi project offers a cost-effective Lending protocol that enables users to easily lend digital assets with a considerate interest rate.
  • A SiFi Basket that makes room for Rebalancing and Reallocation of Assets: not only does SiFi create a platform that allows users to have a selection of various assets in one basket, but it also makes sure it helps its users through the rebalancing and reallocation process beneficial to users when necessary.
  • Data Protection System: Since the security of users’ funds, assets and data are paramount to SiFi, it ensures that a system that disallows the sharing of users’ data.
  • On-Ramp Protocol: One of the core features of SiFi is the on-ramp protocol that allows its users to exchange fiat money for digital currencies. Through this feature of SiFi, users would no longer need to worry about how to change fiat money to digital currencies.